You Count – Inventing the Future

Are any of Star Trek fans? I am. And I recently sat down to watch Star Trek: The Next Generation again. With this viewing I was fascinated to find that some of the technology that was so cool when the show aired over twenty years ago is now a regular part of our lives. What technology am I talking about? Well, when the officers read reports they often use an e-reader or tablet and many of their personal computers are laptops. Most of the computer interfaces are touch-screens. And, while we haven’t (yet) completely recreated the awesome voice-interactive main computer from the Enterprise, we do have interfaces like Siri (Apple), Cortana (Microsoft), Alexa (Amazon), and Google Now.

Why am I talking about Star Trek and technology? When you think about it, Star Trek offers a vision of the future and it’s technology mirrors that. Here in the real world you have the opportunity to invent the future. So, if you  think the world needs to start using more renewable resources, you can invent something to related to that goal. Whatever your vision of the future might be, you can help create that future by inventing. In fact, some teens have already begun to do this. A few teen-developed inventions include:

  • A flashlight that uses the body’s thermal electricity as power
  • A device that could remove tons of plastic waste from the world’s oceans
  • A sensor worn in a sock that helps caregivers know when Alzheimer’s patients have gotten out of bed
  • A device that uses algae to convert the carbon dioxide emissions from a car into oxygen
  • A possible test for pancreatic cancer, one of the hardest cancers to diagnose
  • A device that can recharge a cell phone in 30 seconds.

What invention will you develop, and how will it shape our future?


~Jocelyn@Lynnwood Library


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