You Count – Happy DNA Day

DNAApril 25th was the anniversary of the publication of Crick and Watson’s article on the structure of DNA in the journal Nature.

You may be asking, why are telling us about DNA? Well, this is a prime example of how discoveries, particularly scientific discoveries, can change the way we view the world.

Science is all about asking questions. Why do things act the way they do? What rules do things follow? How does this element interact with this other one? And what if we add that, or take this action? The point to all of this, is that scientists can make a big impact. We used to think the earth was flat, and that our planet was at the center of the universe. Now we know that Earth orbits the sun, and that we won’t fall off the edge of the world as we sail across the ocean.

What discoveries will you make? How will you change our understanding of the world?

~Jocelyn@Lynnwood Library



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