You Count – Global Warming & Climate Change

antarctic iceDoes it seem like the world’s getting warmer to you? Or that the storms and other weather events are getting more intense?

The world’s climate is changing, and we can see it here in Washington just as much as anywhere else. We see it in glacier reduction, declining snow-pack, earlier spring runoff, an increase in large wildfires, and rising sea levels that affect the Puget Sound area. More locally in Snohomish and Island counties we are seeing a lot of debate over coal/oil transport trains.

We’ve pulled together some resources about climate change for you to check out. And here are a few others –

Climate Change – Washington’s Department of Ecology
Global Climate Change – NASA
Climate Change – EPA

Stories about global warming and climate change often appear in the news, so you might want to search for headlines in newspapers. We have current and back issues in several newspapers, local and national.

~Jocelyn@Lynnwood Library



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