You Count – Advocacy

You live in your community, and in the wider world. You see the issues. Is there something you want to change? Are you passionate about a cause? (Maybe you want to save the tigers or hope to have a new biking/hiking trail built, as just a few examples.)

If you have a cause, you might want to consider engaging in advocacy. Advocacy is the act of supporting a particular cause, and it’s one way that you can try to effect change.

What does advocacy look like? Here are a few examples –

Join. Find an organization or club that focuses on the issue and join.
Share. Inform others about the cause, share your involvement on social media or by word-of-mouth, wear a t-shirt with a slogan from the cause.
Organize. Search for others who share your cause to form a group or take action.
Take Action. Meet with local leaders, write to Congress, write a letter to the editor, lobby, hold a peaceful demonstration or rally, and more.

~Jocelyn @ Lynnwood Library



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