Which book to read next?

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We thought we’d share this fabulous flowchart to help you pick the next Courtney Summers novel you might want to read.

If you’ve already read all of  Courtney Summers’ books, here’s a really huge flow chart for your every book mood. Expert tip, start in the middle and you might need a really big computer screen. It’s a ton of books.

There are other great author specific flow charts out there you might want to check out.

stephen_kingHere are flow charts for the master of horror Stephen King and for Terry Pratchett’s hilarious Disc World fantasies.

wintersmith_usAnd if you are really, really stumped, stop by the Sno-Isle Teens and click on Find a Good Book to see our Booklists (there’s something for everyone!)

Or you can swing by one of our libraries and get expert help from our teen staff.

Let us know if you need any help with the Boolists or any Sno-Isle resource.

Marta @ Marysville Library

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