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Valentines Day brings up all sorts of feels for people. From outrage to bliss, it is hard to find anyone who doesn’t have some opinion on this holiday focused on romance. But I think it is nice to celebrate other types of love, too. Especially the love one feels for their library!

What do you love about your Sno-Isle Library?

Here are some sweet words from our Teen Ambassadors (including a few love poems!)

Anna, Camano


I really like volunteering at the library. One of the things I love most about the Camano Island Library are the variety of programs they provide, all of them focused to accommodate various age ranges. I also love how kind everyone is, not just to patrons but to everybody. The layout and style of the building is comfortable and spacious, while still being cozy. The decor is nice as well.

Some things I love about the Sno-Isle library system as a whole are the way you can request books from different branches and pick them up, and I like how many books and genres there are, including the digital stuff.


Dani, Lynnwood


I love a lot of things about the Sno-Isle libraries, but I am especially grateful for Jocelyn, who’s my local library’s teen librarian. She definitely isn’t the only amazing thing about the Lynnwood branch (all of the staff there is friendly and helpful, so I hope that they realize how much all their work means to myself and other people of Lynnwood), but she really helps keeps me connected to the library as well as the Sno-Isle Libraries Teen Ambassador program.


Bernadette, Mill Creek


I love my library because they have so many books.  I can go to the teen section and I always find something that I want to read.  I can go to the hobbies section and find books on drawing and painting.  I can go to the children’s section and find books to read to my brothers.  I can go to the book sale and find books to buy that are inexpensive. I love my library because they offer so many interesting and diverse books that I will never run out of things to read.


Vaishu, Mill Creek

Mill Creek Teen Advisory Board cutting out hearts for the Anti-Valentine Party.

The best thing that I like about the Mill Creek Library is the superfluous amount of ideas we all have. Everyone contributes to the discussion and by the end of every meeting we’ve come up with a new plan. It’s so cool to see our ideas become a reality. For example, the Mill Creek Library is just now setting up for the Anti-Valentine party (a twist to a regular Valentines day party). Not to mention, around the month of Apr
il we are having a ‘tea’ themed party. Where we wear eloquent attire and have fancy food. It’s such an amazing experience to work with everyone and I am excited to spend more time at my local library.


For Mukilteo Library

Laura, Mukilteo

I love my little library, all its crannies
And its nooks
All the neatly stacked novels and little picture books
I love the quiet study spots
And the louder corners too
Where kids can flip through pages and sort through colored blocks
I love all the comics, the biographies, and more
But of all the things I love
It’s the people I adore!

Helen, Edmonds

The librarians at the Edmonds Library Branch are all extraordinarily kind and patient. Quite a few times in the past, I asked librarians for help in searching for a particular book — whether that be for a research-based school assignment or for leisure — and I’ve always got the help I needed.

Working with others at Edmonds Library has consistently been great experiences too 🙂


Jonathan – Lynnwood

My library is place of
Learning, about the world
Gathering, with other book lovers
Read, for inspiration
Satisfied curiosity

My library is a place of dreams
Tilting my head to read the spines
Until one appeals
A book opens a world
A single world in a universe of books

My library is a place of
Solitude, Concentration, Peace
It’s atmosphere is quiet but busy
People bustle
Books move

My library is a place of power
Power to learn about anything and everything
Power that lies within each book
All those books that surround me
It’s someone’s story of their world

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4 responses to “We <3 Our Libraries”

  1. Grace C says:

    I love the Sno-Isle Libraries (Monroe in particular), because they provide the community with books (as well as other resources, such as computers, DVDs, etc.) that they otherwise may not have been able to get their hands on. Libraries gift the knowledge found in books, and I feel that is a beautiful thing. Another wonderful thing about the Sno-Isle Libraries is the variety of programs and events that take place! There are many events or kids, teens and adults to enjoy! No matter your interests, Sno-Isle will have an event for you. Same is to be said about the variety of genres for books, DVDs and CDs. Name an interest or hobby, and there will be a book you would like to read.

  2. Caroline Kulits says:

    The library has always been my escape, beginning in my tiny elementary school library where I would shelve returned books and test my knowledge of the Dewey Decimal System. Words are my friends, and there’s no better way to get to know them than in a library. I’m so grateful for the fact that libraries (especially Sno-Isle) give everyone the opportunity to learn and enjoy literature. There’s no better feeling than walking down the aisles and stumbling upon the book you never knew you needed, complete with that giddy joy and eagerness to begin. I love my library for all the wonder it holds.

  3. Angie Wang says:

    Sno-Isle libraries contains a wonderful variety of resources, which are applicable from my school life to my leisure life. I’m thankful for everything the library and its wonderful staff have done for their neighborhoods — Thank you and I love you !! <3

  4. Daniela Tierra says:

    To me, a library has always been a sanctuary. A local library is not only a sanctuary for knowledge, it’s a sanctuary from the dreaded winter storms and power outages. I have grown to rely on my local libraries more than anything else in my community. I have always felt safe and free of judgement for a library. Growing up in a communities that were not geared towards the younger generations, I have never felt more at home and had more of a sense of a belonging than I did in a library.

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