Top 3 Right Now: Melleny’s Top 3 Funny Horror Movies

This week we’re featuring a Top 3 Right Now list humorous horror films, brought to us by Melleny, the teen services librarian from our Mukilteo community library.
Take it away, Melleny!

“I can’t watch horror movies unless they have more to them than horror. I want to be creeped out, and I want those ‘OH!’ moments that make you cover your eyes, but I need something funny to keep me from getting too invested in the people who are about to die horrible deaths. These are three of my favorite funny horror movies.

Shaun of the Dead: The dry British wit goes so well with the brutal zombie attacks. Every time I watch this movie, I notice some new amazingly clever tiny detail.

Tucker and Dale Versus Evil: Not just a hilarious twist on the classic slasher flick – it’s also a commentary on stereotype and prejudice. But mostly just the hilarious twist thing. (Bonus: you can stream this movie through our Hoopla digital streaming service for free!)

Cabin in the Woods: How can you go wrong with Joss Whedon and Chris Hemsworth? Some serious creepiness is tempered by plenty of parody and intriguing twists.

(Honorable mention goes to Zombieland.)”

Excellent choices for a the kind of late-night horror binge you can only really have in the summer, Melleny!
What movies would you add to this list, readers?

Stay tuned for more movies next week, as Robyn from our Snohomish library gives us her top 3 movies to watch while you’re camping!

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