Top 3 Right Now: Marta @ Marysville

This week we are featuring our awesome Teen Librarian from the Marysville Library, Marta

Here is what Marta is loving right now:

“If I Ever Get Out of Here: a Novel with Paintings by Eric L. Gansworth.

Perfect for anyone who appreciates a story that unfolds like friendship. If you’ve ever made a friend because you both loved the same music, you will love Gansworth’s characters Lewis Blake and George Haddonfield and their love of the Beatles, Queen, and Wings. It’s 1975 and the music helps Lewis, a Tuscarora Indian, handle grinding poverty and the music helps George, an Air Force brat, connect to people when he never settles down.  

Uncaged by John Sandford & Michele Cook

Shay’s got to save her animal-loving brother Odin after he and his friends breaks into a corporate laboratory. She discovers that Singular Corp. is more ruthless than the animal rights group that her brother hooked up with. Fast-paced, fast read. Juxtaposes destructive political action (destroying experiments in a laboratory) with more constructive political action (dropping a banner down the side of the building.) It’s the first book I read in a long time that actually got the climbing parts right!!!

What We Hide by Marthe Jocelyn

When Jenny goes to boring school in England to be near her brother who is avoiding the Vietnam draft, she lies, saying a friend who’s fighting in the war into her boyfriend. With many characters telling this story, the reader gets to experience everyone’s perspective and secrets. Perfect for people who enjoy personal dramas and great writing.”

Thank you Marta…these look excellent!

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