Top 3 Right Now: Marina’s Favorite Reimagined Folk/Fairytales

This week we’re featuring a list of Marina’s favorite retellings of classic fairy tales and folk tales. Marina is the youth services librarian at our Marysville and Lakewood Smokey Point community libraries, and she clearly has excellent taste in books.

She also clearly loves adorable doggos!

So, Marina, what’s on your Top 3 list?

“Berserker by Emmy Laybourne

I’ll admit I’m a lightweight when it comes to gore and horror. And, to my perspective, this book has its fair share. But, as a tale not typically retold—those of the Viking Berserkers—I found this to be an interesting and intriguing story. Hanne and her siblings have each been gifted different powers from the old gods. When Hanne’s murderous “gift” ends up with one of her brothers accused, the family flees to the American frontier in order to find their one remaining relative who could train Hanne to rein in her powers.

East by Edith Pattou

This was the fairy tale story I didn’t realize I was waiting for. I stumbled across another telling of this Norwegian tale (from the original East of the Sun and West of the Moon) in Ice by Sarah Beth Durst and immediately sought out other versions. To my surprise there were more than one! In this version by Pattou, in order to save her family, young, adventurous Rose voluntarily leaves her home and hearth to travel with a mysterious white bear.

Egg & Spoon by Gregory Maguire

I grew up on Russian fairy tales. With a Russian grandfather, it’s be expected (plus, it’s always fun to read about a princess that has the same name as you). This story takes classic characters from those tales—most notably Baba Yaga with her house that has chicken legs and the firebird—and weaves them into an original tale by the author of Wicked. Throw in a dash of The Prince and The Pauper plus some snappy dialog (especially between Baba Yaga and Ekaterina) and you’ve got quite an enjoyable story.”

Thank you, Marina, for the most excellent suggestions!

Stay tuned next week for a list of Marta’s top 3 audiobooks.

Want to contribute your own top 3 list?  Email with your top 3 list and we’ll post it here!


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