Top 3 Right Now: Lisa @ Granite Falls

This week we are featuring Lisa, our Teen Contact at the Granite Falls Library!
So Lisa, I see you are a fellow lover of not only books, but hats! What are you recommending right now (beside lovely stripped ribbon numbers with a nice brim for summer)?


Paper Hearts
By Meg Wiviott
Be transported back to a time and place of inexplicable horror and unspeakable evil.  A novel based on true events, Paper Hearts takes readers through daily life in a Nazi death camp where most die but a few find enough strength and hope to survive. This novel in verse gives a powerful taste of the feelings and a very realistic sense of the brutality of the Holocaust.

House Arrest
By K.A Holt
Desperate to help his mother support his disabled infant brother, Timothy steals and wallet and pays for vital medicine for little Levi. Timothy is sentenced to house arrest and required to write in a court ordered journal.  Get inside Timothy’s head as he wades through family crises and navigates the juvenile justice system.



A Weird and Wild Beauty
By Erin Peabody
In an era in which environmental protections were not a consideration and natural resources were regularly destroyed through over harvesting, Yellowstone National Park was amazingly preserved against all odds. Known for its spectacular beauty and incredible biological diversity and physical wonders, Yellowstone remains largely preserved in all of its two million plus acres and became a preservation model for the world.  A Weird and Wild Beauty details the astonishing history and includes many cool photos of historic and scientific interest.


These are really great Lisa! I love hearing about new books, and I haven’t read any of these. Thanks 😀

If you would like to be featured on our T3RN, email and include:The titles of the three books that teens would enjoy (they can be published for any age group).One or two sentences describing what it is about each book that has you in its grip right now.A photo of yourself.  If you are shy you can use an avatar, but you can also have a lot of fun with this.  We like wacky!

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