Top 3 Right Now: Lindsey

This week we are featuring our Teen Contact from the Coupeville Library, Lindsey!


Awesome mask, Lindsey…what other delightful things do you have to share with us today?


You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) by Felicia Day

Geek Queen Felicia Day opens up about her awkward home schooled childhood, her history as a passionate gamer, math nerd, and violinist, her struggles as an offbeat actor and writer in a mainstream industry, and her experiences as a female in a male-dominated scene. She is funny, adorably neurotic, and optimistic about the role of girls in geek culture. Whether or not you consider yourself a geek, a nerd, a fangirl/boy, whatever Felicia’s memoir is poignant and relatable. 


Winger by Andrew Smith

I am rereading Winger in anticipation of its upcoming sequel, Stand-Off. I love this kid! Ryan Dean is hilarious and heartbreaking. He’s a 14-year-old junior at a rich kid boarding school in Oregon, sentenced to live in the dorm for troublemakers and bunk with the biggest bully on his rugby team, and he’s tragically in love with an older girl – his best friend Annie, who treats him like a kid. In first person POV with comics doodled throughout, Ryan shares his story with an upbeat sense of humor, and somehow manages to find happiness.


Dog Years: Faithful Friends, Then and Now by Amanda Jones

I’m a sucker for dogs. I will check out any dog photography book. Luckily Sno-Isle Libraries has them in abundance! You can’t go wrong with this one, especially if you’ve ever been lucky enough to share many years with a canine companion. Amanda Jones photographed each dog as a puppy, then again as a distinguished, silver-furred senior, revealing unique personalities that have lasted a lifetime. I’m not embarrassed to admit that I teared up over the stories and portraits. I told you I’m a sucker for dogs!

Thanks so much Lindsey! I had to order that last one IMMEDIATELY and added both of the others to my very very very long to-read list.

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Next week: Marta from Marysville!



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