Top 3 Right Now: Kevin Emerson

This week our featured reader is local Seattle author Kevin Emerson.  You may know him from his awesome Atlanteans series, Exile, and Carlos is Gonna Get It.  His new book is called Breakout (and we will be giving away a copy tomorrow!)

So, Kevin, what are your top three books right now?

“The Martian Chronicles – Ray Bradbury
This was the book that made me a sci-fi fan. Such a strange collection of stories but there’s so much to like. The tone is dated in a great way: published in 1950, it has the wide-eyed excitement about space travel, but at the time there was very little evidence of what Mars was like, so it gets pretty weird. Good weird.

A Song of Ice and Fire – A Game of Thrones #1 – George R.R. Martin
This has been my guilty pleasure read this winter (I’m on book 3). These books would have been my perfect fantasy books when I was a teen, because the fantasy elements, while there, are dialed back a bit. Fewer sorcerers, more political intrigue, but still battles and the occasional dark magic bit. Some tawdry stuff too, about on the level of my favorite author in high school, Stephen King. The world is compelling and it’s nifty how the story moves while changing point of view.

(This book is so far in the future, it doesn’t have a cover yet!  So here is a cute picture of a yeti taken by flickr user ღ ℂℏ℟ḯʂ ღ).

Cornelius Wrathbone – Sean Beaudoin
You can’t read this book until 2016, but Cornelius is my favorite character of the last few years. I loved spending time in his weird, hairy brain. Spoiler alert: he’s a Yeti. Non-spoiler alert: This ain’t your daddy’s Teen Wolf.”

Aw man…what a teaser.  Seriously, Yeti fiction is just what I’ve been wanting to read. Thanks for the recommendations and piquing our interests, Kevin!

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Next week: Rob from the Stanwood Library

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