Top 3 Right Now: Kelli’s Top 3 Maker Books

This week we’re featuring a Top 3 list from Kelli, our teen services specialist from our Camano Island community library.
Take it away, Kelli!

“I really enjoy creating things with my hands, and I’m passionate about getting the word out about the awesomeness that is Arduino (Arduino = an easy-to-use electronics platform used by hackers worldwide). Doing some of the projects in these three books can provide a solid foundation for building personalized gizmos that do what you want them to.

Arduino Project Handbook by Mark Geddes

Great introduction to the cheap and easy-to-use open-source electronics platform used by hackers and makers worldwide. I especially like the great photos: lots of close-up images! The link to free downloadable source code for each sketch (their lingo for a project) is a nice bonus so that you don’t have to type it all in before getting to play with it.

20 Makey Makey Projects for the Evil Genius by Colleen Graves and Aaron Graves

(Fun projects) + (great step-by-step images) + (well-written instructions) = great maker book.

Rubber Band Engineer by Lance Akiyama

What I like most about this book is that pretty much everything can be made from stuff lying around the house: paint sticks, rubber bands, duct tape, clothespins, pencils, yardsticks, string, straws, etc. The author shows everything you will need laid out on the first page of each project, and then provides very clear instructions and images showing each step. I especially enjoyed the catapults and the slingshot rocket.”

Wow, those are great suggestions, Kelli – thank you for the maker inspiration! It looks like you’ve even got an Arduino program going on today if our readers want to come see how fun Arduino can be for themselves.

Stay tuned next week, readers, when Melleny will give us a list of her top 3 funny horror movies!


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