Top 3 Right Now: Kelli from Camano Island

This week we are featuring Kelli, our Teen programmer extraordinaire at our Camano Island community library.

Kelli is always up for talking about food & cookbooks, jewelry-making, tech stuff, awesome nail polish colors, or PurpleKiwii’s Monster Busters game (which she plays daily, but denies she’s addicted).

So, Kelli, what books are you excited about these days?

Everland by Wendy Spinale

“Great dystopian steampunk-filled interpretation of Peter Pan with a wonderfully alternative PP mythology. Normally I stay away from all things Peter Pan because, well, I dislike the original story so much. However, this book has great strong + positive male and female protagonists, lots of exciting action scenes, and great alternate explanations as to the original story’s traditional touchstones: Why there is an island of boys? Who is Hook?, plus a different take on a flying (Tinker)Bella, etc. I LOVED this book.
BONUS = The sequel, Umberland, just came out, so you can hypothetically read both in one sitting…no waiting for a year like I had to.”

Between Worlds by Skip Brittenham

“I liked the well-crafted mythology and setting of the magical realm that Mayberry and Marshall enter when they touch the legendary (and hard-to-find) Wishing Tree. The fact that the fantasy place they wanted to escape to isn’t the marvelous gumdrop-world setting they were hoping for (far from it), combined with well-crafted plans to solve the challenges they face because it wasn’t a marvelous gumdrop-world setting, made for a great escapist adventure. I also liked that the storyline was original.
BONUS = the free augmented reality app was a fun extra:

Dear Teen Me 

“With 70 YA authors to choose from, I think almost any teen will find a letter that speaks to them, whether it’s telling them not to worry so much about one’s professional future, effects of an abusive family, love life (or lack thereof), comforting themselves about studying too hard/not hard enough, etc. All of letters are fairly short and most are powerful, and they made me wonder what I would write to my teen self.
BONUS = pictures of authors as their dorky teen selves…most of us adults have at least one of those, and teens can look forward in about 20-30 years to look back and think, ‘Wow, that was the style?!?'”

Awesome suggestions, Kelli – thanks for sharing!

If you would like to be featured on our T3RN, email and include:

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  • One or two sentences describing what it is about each book that has you in its grip right now.
  • A photo of yourself.  We like wacky!

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