Top 3 Right Now: Jessica’s Top Dark Fantasy Stories

This week we’re featuring a from Jessica, the awesome Teen Services Librarian at our Oak Harbor community library. Take it away, Jessica!

“At the 2018 Whidbey Island Comicon, hosted by yours truly, I cosplayed as Lagertha from the show Vikings. My inner warrior queen loves anything having to do with magic, mythology, and dark fantasy, so it’s not surprising to anyone who knows me that the following titles made my top three list.

Sky in the Deep by Adrienne Young
Eelyn is a warrior of the Aska clan, and her life is ruled by war, vengeance, and a centuries-old rivalry with another clan. She believes she knows who she is and what she stands for, until her world is turned upside down on the battlefield and she’s left questioning everything. At its core, this is a story about love, humanity, and family in all its forms. While it’s action-packed and often violent, it’s also lyrical and has great emotional depth. Not your average YA novel, and one of the best I’ve read this year!

Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw
This is book to save for October, perhaps, when the air is rife with magic and dark stories beg to be told. This is a story of the three Swan sisters, who were accused of witchcraft and drowned in the small town of Sparrow, Oregon. Every summer since, they have risen out of the water to seek revenge on the town, inhabiting the bodies of three girls and drowning at least one boy each before the summer solstice. This is known as Swan Season, and has become a morbid tourist attraction that plagues the town. Penny Talbot is a local girl, and sees things that others can’t. She knows the sisters are real, and knows they are dangerous. When a dark and trouble boy comes to Sparrow in the middle of Swan season, she has to make a choice – save him, or save herself.

To Kill a Kingdom by Alexandria Christo
I’m a sucker for fairytales retold, especially when they’re given a dark twist. Princess Lira is known as the Prince’s Bane, and she is a fierce and deadly siren who lures a prince to his death every year on her birthday, and keeps his heart. When she breaks tradition and steals her 18th heart early, her mother punishes her by turning her into a human. She is required to bring back the heart of Prince Elian, who happens to be known as the Siren Killer and has made it his mission to kill the Prince’s Bane. When he rescues a woman from the sea who speaks the language of the sirens, he’s unsure if he can trust her. But can he pass up the chance to eradicate siren kind once and for all?”

Excellent recommendations, Jessica – thank you!

Readers, are there other dark fantasy novels you love?


Stay tuned next week when Marissa from our Mariner library will give us another excellent Top 3 list! 

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