Top 3 Right Now: Jayanne from Freeland

This week we are featuring Jayanne, the Teen Librarian at our Freeland branch.

You might say that Jayanne has a lot “on” her mind these days.

So, Jayanne, what have you read recently that you’d recommend to our readers?

When Friendship Followed me Home by Paul Griffin

Okay between the title and the cover, I was positive that the dog was going to die. I promise you that Flip (that’s the dog) doesn’t die, however that is the only guarantee I will give you in this story about a boy whose life is filled with loss. I just wanted to scream at the unfairness of Ben’s life. However, that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t also filled with love, friendship, and magic. So yes, you’ll probably cry, but it’s worth it.

Lucky Strikes by Louis Bayard

There is nothing lucky happening in Melia’s life. Her mother has just died and as the oldest of three she is trying to keep her family together and run a gas station in depression era rural Virginia. Survival requires trickery and deception and a cast of colorful characters to stay ahead of villains and other well-meaning folk. I used to live in the area where this book takes place, so it was great imagining this fictional town, knowing where it would be and how it would look. I wanted to sit outside with a cold drink and spin tales with Melia, Hiram, and the truckers.

Descender Book One: Tin Stars by Jeff Lemire

If the robots do rise, I may be on their side. This future post-apocalyptic intergalactic graphic novel features robots that protect, plot, and make me cry. They are (at least in book one) certainly more sympathetic than their humanoid counterparts. I just wanted to pat TIM-21 on the head and reassure him that he is a real boy.

Jayanne had this disclaimer to add after compiling her list:
“After putting this list together I realized that there was a lot of death and crying featured in these titles. Please don’t worry about me, it just worked out that way. While all of these books are about loss, they are also about hope and are even pretty funny in places.”  

Thanks for the awesome suggestions, Jayanne!
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