Top 3 Right Now: Deb Caletti

Local Northwest author Deb Caletti is our featured guest this week (and tomorrow HINT HINT)! She has so many great books, such as The Last ForeverThe Story of UsThe Six Rules of MaybeThe Fortunes of Indigo SkyeWild RosesHoney, Baby, Sweetheart, and my personal favorite The Nature of Jade
Deb, your new book Essential Maps for the Lost looks awesome! I’m sure it is your favorite right now, but what other books are your Top 3 Right Now?
Pirate Hunters the Search for the Golden Fleece by Robert Kurson

While I read quite a lot of literary fiction, story collections, and memoirs, some of my favorite reading feeds a very large part of myself that is, I swear, a TEN-YEAR-OLD BOY.  To be clear, Robert Kurson’s fabulous Pirate Hunters is for adults.  But it’s for adults like me who hunger for a fascinating and page-turning read about true-life adventures.  Fellow swashbucklers, I’m telling you – a pirate ship that goes missing in the 1600’s, and the intrepid divers who try to find it today make for a riveting, suspenseful story.


The Soul of an Octopus: a Surprising Exploration into the Wonder of Consciousness by Sy Montgomery

I know, I know!  Where is the YA?  Where are the novels?  I told you, bring me anything about nature and science and exploration and adventure.  Volcanoes – I’m in!  Shipwrecks, yes, please!  Creepy, magnificent creatures – absolutely, which is what Sy Montgomery brings us in The Soul of an Octopus.  Not only is the book a beautifully written story about a woman who enters the universe of this mysterious and alien animal, it’s chock-full of those cool amazing facts that make you want to tug the sleeves of your friends and say, “Hey, do you know what?!”  Anyone who reads my books knows that I have a fascination for the intersection of the human and animal worlds, and this book had me awe-inspired.


In the Kingdom of Ice: The Grand and Terrible Polar Voyage of the U.S.S. Jeanette, by Hampton Sides

This was one of my favorite reads of last year, and I’ve bought lots and lots of copies to give as gifts.  How can you NOT love this book?  First of all, look at that title!  “Grand and Terrible Polar Voyage”… Is that not awesome right there?  And the book continues to be a relentless, frightening, chilling STORY OF SURVIVAL.  Honestly, if you are burdened with the troubles of daily life, if you’ve just broken up with your boy/girlfriend or spilled your mocha or embarrassed yourself (again), you will snap right the heck out of it while reading this tale.  Storms, starvation, endurance, and ice, ice, ice!  You will also be tempted to wear your parka until the last page!  This book kicked off much historic, disaster-at-sea reading for me.

These all sound fascinating! I’m dying to read the octopus one <3  Thank you so much.


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