Top 3 Right Now: Chelsea’s Top Road Trip Songs

This week we’re featuring a list of top 3 songs to crank up on your roadtrip from Chelsea, our teen services ninja from our new Lakewod Smokey Point community library!

Take it away, Chelsea!
“Summer = roadtrips! Even if it’s just taking the scenic route while you’re running errands, there’s something about being able to drive around with the windows down and taking in the sights. Something that can make or break a drive is the soundtrack: you need music that won’t be distracting but will keep you alert. And the library’s got you covered! Just download the free Hoopla app so that you can listen to full albums while roadtripping without the constant interruption for ads like other streaming services will give you.

I like my roadtrip mixes to have lots of variety with songs that everyone can sing along to, so here are my Top 3 (okay, 4!) roadtrip songs:

Shut Up & Drive by Rihanna (from the Good Girl Gone Bad album).

This is classic Rihanna. It is perfect going to or from the beach. I always imagine I’m driving a fast car or convertible when I hear this song, so at least listen to it with all the windows down!

I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) by The Proclaimers (from the Sunshine on Leith album)
In my humble opinion… this is easily the best song ever made! Everyone can quickly pick up the words and the chorus is *EVERYTHING.* Who would you walk 500 miles for?

No Sleep Till Brooklyn by the Beastie Boys (from the License to Ill album)
If you’re starting your road trip in the evening, you’ll want to start with this song. It’s loud and fun: you can’t sleep through this song!

BONUS: Interstate Love Song by Stone Temple Pilots (on the Purple album)
While it isn’t as sing along-able, to me this song sounds like driving. Include it in your mix for when you need a break from singing.”


Awesome suggestions, Chelsea – thank you!
What other songs do you like to blast while on a roadtrip, readers?

Be sure to join us next week for some excellent book suggestions from Jillian at our Lake Stevens community library!

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