Top 3 Right Now: Brandi

This week we are featuring Brandi (and her favorite reading buddy Stilly) from Marysville. Brandi is one of our featured Gold Medal readers who completed over 50 hours this summer!


What an adorable reading buddy you have! So what books have you been reading together?



Essentials of Firefighting 5th edition

I have a deep passion of firefighting and love to read and learn more about it! This book covered everything from types of fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems to fire suppression techniques; it was a great read.


Autumn Lightning by Dave Lowery

Not just an interesting book on martial arts; it is a simple good story, thoughtfully and skillfully written, and something about it keeps making me come back for more. A book that can be enjoyed by all martial artist or not. The strain put on Dave, be it mental or physical, must have been too much to bear sometimes; However, the result of such a training can be clearly seen in Dave Lowry.


Born to Run by Christopher McDougall

I used to hate running with a passion and every pore of my body. I detested it and vowed never to go running, I would tell people ” If you see me running you better start too” but this book is an inspiring story about running that made even me get up and and hit the trails.


What a great selection of books Brandi!  Thank you so much for sharing with us.

– Dawn

Mini Dawn


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