Top 3 Right Now: Ashley @ the Coupville Library

This week we are featuring Ashley from the Coupville Library. I love this picture of her on vacation at Disneyland, partially because it looks like she is wearing a funny hat.
So, Ashley, what books are you loving right now?
indexGlass Sword – by Victoria Aveyard

From the first page, Glass Sword is non-stop action continuing right where Red Queen stopped. It’s a story of supernatural abilities and just because you’re born into a certain situation does not mean it is your destiny. Mare, the main character, has the amazing ability of controlling and creating electricity, an ability she was never supposed to have based on the color of her blood, an ability that has made her a target of the ruling class: Silver Bloods. I’ve always been drawn to stories and movies where people get to have really cool powers, which is why I’m obsessed this novel and trilogy.


Thief’s Covenant by Ari Marmell

This book grabbed my attention because it reminds me of the Thieves Guild from the awesome game series, The Elder Scrolls, specifically Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, my favorite. This novel reminds me a little of the story of Karliah, a character from Skyrim. I have been fascinated by characters who are part of a secret world, whether it’s being a thief, assassin, or having supernatural powers. Widdershins is a thief, who once rose to the aristocracy from nothing but then it was torn from her. Now, her world is being destroyed again by a mysterious force, and everyone is out to destroy her, including her own guild.


Pulse by Patrick Carman

Just like in the Red Queen trilogy, Pulse has characters with superhuman abilities, my favorite ingredient in a novel. Or movie. Or TV show. Faith and Dylan both have telekinesis, called pulse, a power I would love to have. The two of them must learn their powers all while there is a war brewing between two forces that both have strong pulse abilities and are determined to destroy each other, even if it means destroying the world.

Awesome selection, Ashley…I haven’t read any of these yet. Much thanks!

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  1. Hannah M says:

    Oh, good news: The Red Queen series is actually going to be four books, not three! I was super excited when I heard the news 🙂

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