Top 3 Right Now: Anne

This week we are featuring our delightful Anne, who is not only the teen librarian for the Oak Harbor Library, but is also our Lead Librarian for Public Computing!  Anne loves clowns, thrift shops, reading, and camping. Here she is back in the day (for Throwback Thursday) posing with a goat!


So, Anne, you just went on a camping trip and did a whole bunch of reading…what are your Top 3 Right Now?



I love the quirky characters Mim Malone meets along the way during her compulsive cross-country bus ride to visit her mother, who she believes is gravely ill. Mim’s plan doesn’t run too smoothly, and by the end she’s learned a lot about herself and the people who love her.


Soviet Space Dogs

The cover of this book is what originally caught my eye, and it has turned out to be a fascinating look at the Soviet space program and the dogs that were sent into space in the name of science. It’s full of information that was once top-secret, and many photos of the dogs and memorabilia created to promote the space program.



I love the adventures of our heroines at Miss Qiunzilla Thiskwin Penniquiqul Thistle Crumpet’s camp for hard-core lady-types! Strange creatures in the woods, a mysterious tower, and spooky underground caves – these ladies have a knack for finding trouble. I can’t wait for Volume 2!”

These are terrific, Anne! I’ve got Mosquitoland at home and just read Lumberjanes, too…great stuff!

If you would like to be featured on our T3RN, email and include:

  • The titles of the three books that teens would enjoy (they can be published for any age group).
  • One or two sentences describing what it is about each book that has you in its grip right now.
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Next week: maybe you?



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