Readers’ Corner: Life During Wartime

This week’s featured teen booklist is one of YALSA’s lists of Popular Paperbacks, and the theme is Conflicted: Life During Wartime. It includes books portraying teens surviving in times of war. Whether you want to immerse yourself in the American Revolution, the Chinese Boxer Rebellion, or the more current plight of Ugandan child soldiers, you’ll find […]

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Readers’ Corner: Unreliable Narrators

Hello, readers! If you’re a fan of unreliable narrators, then this week’s featured booklist is for you. Do you want a book that’ll keep you guessing, never knowing what’s the truth until the very end? This collection is taken from one of YALSA‘s 2016 Popular Paperbacks lists, called “Unreliable Narrators: Don’t Believe a Word.” Happy reading! […]

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