Readers’ Corner: Transgender & Gender-Fluid Journeys

This week’s featured teen booklist is about a group of people who are often misrepresented and misunderstood. Step inside the complex world of gender identity with one of these books about teens going through transgender and gender-fluid journeys. Every story is unique, and you’ll be moved by the many physical and emotional journeys presented here. […]

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Readers’ Corner: Latino Lives

This week’s featured booklist looks at the diverse lives and experiences of Latino teens. Some of the stories are funny, some heartbreaking, and all are well-written, compelling, and meaningful. There’s even some poetry, graphic fiction, fantasy, and non-fiction thrown in. Add one of these powerful books to your TBR pile this week! Happy reading! Melleny […]

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Readers’ Corner: Hispanic Teens

I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving weekend and are keeping warm in the frosty weather! Today’s featured booklist is all about Hispanic teens in America.  The list includes books with Hispanic protagonists, some of whom are dealing with the issues faced by Hispanic people in the U.S., and others are just dealing with […]

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We need diverse books!

We Need Diverse Books This infographic (I love infographics!) was created for the We Need Diverse Books campaign. There are some SERIOUSLY AWESOME books up there (and if you’re at one of the schools I visit many should be familiar!)! Related: It’s been two years, but I still have warm and squishy feelings for Aristotle […]

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