Readers’ Corner: Climate Change Fallout SciFi

The world as we know it is gone. Something terrible has happened and in its wake, humanity must once again reset its priorities. Can we, in this resource-scarce new world, fashion some kind of idea that there is a global will to make the switch in the face of greed and inertia, serene faces, and clothes […]

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Readers’ Corner: Eco-Fiction

Climate change is a major concern for most people these days, especially with the storms getting stronger (um, what’s a bomb cyclone?) and the temperature getting more extreme (snow in the Sahara?!). This week’s featured booklist includes some pretty amazing stories about what the world might be like in the future if climate change continues to […]

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Climate action and teens

Last weekend we celebrated Earth Day. At Sno-Isle Libraries we always have our planet on our mind. From compost bins in all of our community libraries to recycling used materials into new craft projects, we know our resources are limited and we try to be good stewards of the environment. Recently two nationally recognized leaders on climate […]

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You Count – Advocate for Reduced Carbon Pollution

Ever since the Industrial Revolution, humans have been emitting more carbon dioxide, and other heat-trapping gases, to the atmosphere than the natural cycle can handle. In the natural cycle, when carbon dioxide is produced trees and other plant-life absorb the gas. But since we are producing more than they can absorb, the excess carbon dioxide […]

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