Readers’ Corner: Teens as Science Projects

You may be aware that teens frequently get a bad rap in society. Maybe you get watched extra closely when you’re in a store, or you get shushed when others are being much louder. Some adults just don’t appreciate teens and treat them as second-class citizens. Well, this week’s featured booklist takes that idea to the extreme. In these books, teens are used as lab rates for all kinds of crazy scientific experimentation, usually without their knowledge or consent.

Sno-Isle Teens Booklist: Human Experimentation

So the next time you get (understandably) upset about being treated unfairly just because you’re a teen, remember that it could always be worse. At least you didn’t wake up to find yourself trapped in a deadly maze, or with your head attached to a stranger’s body. So you have that going for you…

(And, your friendly neighborhood teen services librarian thinks you’re great.)

Happy reading!

Melleny @ Mukilteo Library

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