Readers’ Corner: Teen Horror Starter Kit

As a kid, I wondered why anyone would subject themselves to scary reads — just the slightest glimpse of a horror movie’s cover could give me nightmares. My friends would taunt me with their book trailers just to see me slink away, creeped out with visions of sharp knives, clown faces, and grim reapers. With a bit of coaxing, I eventually dove into the scrawling font and glowing covers of scary reads in an attempt to be able to swap narratives with my peers.  And, in reading those, I realized that the great thing about scary books is that — unlike with films — you can go at your own pace and imagine the scenes yourself. Don’t get me wrong, they were still scary and I spent a few sleepless nights with my head under the covers, but I realized that I was in control of my thoughts, giving my read as much or little scare as I chose.

Other book trends come and go, but horror is a tried and true genre, one that holds up over time.  Check out a few creepy titles featured in this week’s Readers’ Corner to start you on a horror read marathon, or a few long sleepless night under the covers.

Robyn @ Darrington Library



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