Readers’ Corner: Fantasy Fiction

This week the Readers’ Corner features some of our favorite Fantasy Fiction.

With its roots in myth and legend, Fantasy Fiction is the most elemental of all the genres. For many generations, people believed in myth and legend in a way that dramatically affected their life and culture. There is something timeless about stories that pit motivated heroes who face long odds against dynamic villains. Fantasy opens the door to experiencing the magic all around us and, more importantly, the magic in ourselves.

It can encompass a whirlwind of images and plot twists. Whether it’s an atmospheric tale of corruption and abduction set on Mars, terrors afflicting a sleepy town in New England that are beyond imagination, or a story set on the run from an ancient evil and his army of terrors straight out of myths from around the world, Fantasy Fiction is sure to thrill and stimulate even the most vivid of imaginations.


Marissa & Robyn @ Mariner and Darrington Libraries



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