Readers’ Corner: Climate Change Fallout SciFi

The world as we know it is gone. Something terrible has happened and in its wake, humanity must once again reset its priorities. Can we, in this resource-scarce new world, fashion some kind of idea that there is a global will to make the switch in the face of greed and inertia, serene faces, and clothes fashioned from hemp? Or are we doomed to be selfish hoarders, creating even greater scarcity which we can then leverage for our own benefit?
This week’s Readers’ Corner features Climate Change Fallout reads. While post-apocalyptic science fiction isn’t new, you may have noticed an uptick of books set in the wake of some kind of major climate disaster. Some call it “cli-fi” — sci-fi infused with the increasingly frightening impacts of climate change. In fact, cli-fi has been creeping out of the fantasy and science fiction sections of bookstores and libraries and into the mainstream.  It isn’t hard to imagine global warming gone wrong, GMO overload, or hurricanes gone wild. If you set aside large corporate names and unusual weather patterns, you may realize you’re just looking at a version of us not all that far in the future. We begin to relate in a wild roller coaster/upset stomach kind of way.
Even so, we all love a great cli-fi out of control read.  Check out a few of our favorites.


Marissa & Robyn @ Mariner and Darrington Libraries

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3 responses to “Readers’ Corner: Climate Change Fallout SciFi”

  1. MartaM says:

    Try Memory of Water by Emmi Itäranta. Nominated for the 2014 PK Dick award, this title tells a great story about a dystopian future where water is power. Find it at

  2. dannybloom says:

    I coined cli-fi term just these kinds of tweets. See hashtag,#clifi and my website HQ loved your tweet post. Bravo. Danny

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