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While the library is a great place to find books to read and DVDs to watch, it’s also a PRICELESS resource when it comes to getting your homework done.  Sno-Isle provides access to information on every topic you can think of through our research databases.

I’d like to highlight one of our newer resources – the National Geographic Virtual Library (NGVL for short).


The NGVL contains the entire archive of National Geographic magazines, which were first published in 1888! There’s also a searchable collection of National Geographic books, maps, images and videos.

When would I use the NGVL, you ask?  Let’s say you’re assigned to write a paper about volcanoes for your science class.  National Geographic publishes articles and books about volcanoes and other scientific topics, so you decide to check it out.

Wow!  I searched volcanoes and found over 300 articles, several books, videos, maps and images – enough to start you well on your way to an A+ paper!


Want to learn more about NGVL?  Visit your local library, and they’ll be more than happy to show you how to use this resource.


Anne @ the Oak Harbor Library

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