Library Hacks: Mango Languages

Welcome to the newest edition of Library Hacks, where we show you how the library can make your life better.

Why learn another language?  Most students have to take at least one (if not more) foreign languages while in school.  If you are lucky, maybe you will get to travel someplace where English isn’t the primary language.  Or perhaps someday you might want to read books in their original languages (Japanese manga, anyone?) Whatever your reason, we have an awesome tool that will make it easier for you:  Mango Languages.

From our Teen Homework Resources page, just click on Languages and there it is!  Create a username and password, so you can save your progress as you go.  You can even download their app, and use if for free thanks to your library account!

There are 64 languages to choose from including Japanese, Arabic, Urdu, Icelandic, Ancient Greek and even Pirate!  There is also a translation tab (which unfortunately does not include pirate).  While some languages include just basic conversations, other have expansion sets, like Wine and Cheese, Romance, and La Moustache for French.

I’d love to hear what other fun features you discover!



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