Library Hack: Online Writing Lab

As we wind our way toward the end of the school year, that means more papers and essays and reports, many of them of the ominous “final” variety. To make sure you’re submitting your very best work, why not use the free online writing lab that comes with your Sno-Isle library card? Just log in to (or create for free) your HelpNow account, and you’re in.

As you can see from the screenshot above, it’s super easy to submit your work for review by a writing expert. Just upload the document, add some comments (details about the assignment, what kinds of feedback you’re looking for), and click on Submit. You’ll find a response when you log in again in about a day. 

Why are you not using this for every paper you write in every class? Okay, okay, you do have to have a draft complete at least a day early, but if it’s an important paper that you’ve spent weeks on, isn’t it worth it?

And this writing lab can be used for any kind of writing…job application cover letters, college admission essays, scholarship essays…you get the idea. Next time you want some expert feedback on something you’ve written, give the HelpNow writing lab a try.

Melleny @ Mukilteo Library

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