Library Hack:

If you haven’t already seen the ads, we have a brand new video contest coming up next month:

If you love gushing about your favorite books, you should seriously consider entering this.  Not only can you win a gift card for Best Buy, you can get a chance for a unique volunteer opportunity, as an official Sno-Isle Teens vlogger!

But if you aren’t sure about how to do video editing, this could be a bit daunting.  However, Sno-Isle has a super awesome database that can help you get the skills you need. is so great, we can only offer it from inside our libraries…but it is so worth the trip.  It has amazing FREE tutorials that can help you get skills not only in video editing, but in web design, all kinds of software, workforce readiness skills, and more!

It includes a huge range of classes for every level, from true beginners, to semi-pro!  

Which of the courses look awesome to you?

– Dawn

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