Library Hack: Find Your Next Book with NoveList

I’m always surprised when I run into people who think that because I’m a librarian, I’ve read EVERYTHING.  There are so many books out there, it is hard to keep on top of even your favorite genre (unless you like something really specific, like troll books).  So what do librarians do, when someone asks them for a recommendation based on a book they haven’t read, or a genre they have never heard of?  They go to NoveList…an awesome readers advisory database…and you can too!


How do you get to this great FREE resource?  Go our Sno-Isle Teens page and click Find a Good Book.  Scroll down a little bit, until you see NoveList Plus.  If you are in the library, one click will bring you in (if you are at home you need to enter your library card number).

Novelist has lots of great Recommended Reads Lists…check out the column over on the left:


Pick the age category you are interested in, and you will find all sorts of great lists, including a variety of “For Fans of…” and “If You Like…” lists.

My favorite thing to do, is just put the title of a book or author I love into the search box up top, and go from there:


Click on the title you were looking for, and you will find a great list of Read-alikes, reviews, related articles, and more.  Look for this link on any book page, and you can go straight back to our catalog to order it:


Another thing I love is you can get really specific about what you love about a book to find other books with similar qualities.  So if you, too, love The Princess Bride…you can find other books that have these features:

Genre: Adventure stories, Books to movies, Fantasy fiction, Humorous stories, Metafiction, Romantic comedies

Storyline: Intricately plotted

Tone:  Funny, Romantic

Writing Style: Witty

Subject: Farm workers, Giants, Imaginary kingdoms, Kidnapping, Princes, Princesses, Rescues, Swordfighters

Sadly I found no other books that were intricately plotted romances about farm workers, but funny books-to-movies about giants did lead me to The B.F.G.!  

If you love books, you will find this is SO fun to play with.  I never get bored with it 😀

Hope you enjoy this library hack as much as I do,



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