Learn and Discover: Old-Timey Movies

Like movies? Want to try something odd and unusual? On August 5, 2016, at 7:30 pm, the Historic Everett Theater in downtown Everett is showing “The Mark of Zorro” – a fast-paced adventure made in 1920 about a Robin Hood-type figure who defends poor people in Spanish California against an oppressive governor (you can also stream it using your library card and Hoopla here!) The weird part? The movie has no sound at all—the film is accompanied solely by live music from a ginormous pipe organ.


Some people think these old-timey movies aren’t as good as modern films because there’s no CGI or special effects, but filmmakers during this time had to be creative and use what they had—this is also when a lot of modern techniques were developed, such as three point lighting, close-ups, long shots, panning, and continuity editing. The acting and storytelling had to be spot-on, too. But you be the judge!

The Historic Everett Theater is located at 2911 Colby Ave in downtown Everett. You can find ticket info here.

If silent movies aren’t your jam, you can also catch Twisted Flicks —“B” movies with their soundtracks removed and improv actors providing new dialogue. Bonus: air conditioning!

– Recommended by Jillian @ the Lake Stevens Library




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