Infamous Insider – A Day Late!

But not a dollar short, if you know about the great homework resources available to you for just the “cost” of typing in your library card number.


Did you know that there are live tutors – real, living, breathing, TRAINED people – eager to help you with your homework?

That’s right… even MATH.

From 1-10 pm every day, you can log in to HelpNow live homework help for assistance with your most pressing questions.  Just select your grade level and subject, then connect with an expert who will work directly with you.

Don’t get any funny ideas – they’re not going to do your homework for you.  They will work hard to help you understand the concepts or problems that are giving you grief.

But wait – there’s more!  You can upload your papers to the writing lab for critique.  Just make sure to allow at least 24 hours before the paper is due.

Sounds like a good reason not to procrastinate!

~Anne @ Oak Harbor Library

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