Homework Hacks: Mango Language

Mango Languages is the app to go to for learning new languages and unique speaking styles.


I first discovered the app when I was trying to learn French over the summer.  Mango Languages has been extremely helpful in teaching me how to say everyday conversations such as greeting, introductions, and much more.  It has also taught me the basic grammar rules of French.  This was most helpful during the first few weeks of my French class, for it made it  easier to adjust from English grammar to French grammar.

Not only does Mango Languages offer French, but it actually offers a total of 72 languages ranging from Italian to Cherokee.  There is even a section labeled “Specialty” where you can learn unique languages such as Russian slang, Shakespearean English, and even Pirate.  I’ve tried Pirate, and it was really fun.  Pirate offers its own rules and vocabulary which is really interesting because I would have never thought of Pirate as its own language.


Mango Languages can be accessed for free through the Sno-Isle Libraries website.  To access Mango Languages do the following steps:
Go to the website “sno-isle.org”
Click into “Research”
In “Research”, click into “eLearning”
Then, click into Mango Languages
Enter library card number or username
Enter the 4 digits of the phone number or password
Create a profile using your own email address and set your own password.
Choose the language you would like to learn and START LEARNING!



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