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Hi everyone!!

College can be super scary, especially if you don’t know how exactly to prepare for it.

Maybe you have no idea how to study for the SAT or the ACT. Or maybe you don’t know how to write a good personal essay for college apps. Or, maybe you’re just not sure what you plan to study!

There’s no need to worry! The Job & Career Accelerator has a bunch of different resources to help prepare you for your future!

From SAT/ACT prep, to lessons on how to network, to guides on how to create really good resumes/cover letters, this site has a lot of different things that you can work on so you can get ready for college!

It’s all 100% free! All you need is your library card to create an account 🙂

Learn more @ http://www.sno-isle.org/research/career-accelerator !!



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  1. Madison B. says:

    I went to my high school college fair last night and it was a bit overwhelming! I’m a junior this year so I’m really starting to look at different colleges, but last night it felt like I was in a jungle fighting for some unknown future!

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