Homework Hacks: Biography in Context

For a number of years, I had a writing teacher who encouraged us to always look up an author’s background before digging into a book. When doing this, you get a deeper look into the connections of an author and their works. Before starting a book for the class, we would research and write an author background. If I knew about this resource when I was in her classes, my author backgrounds would have been completed much faster!


Biography in Context is an incredibly useful online resource, which includes an immense amount of information on a variety of important people. For each person, there are multiple biographies, images, news articles, facts and more to help with your research. A great thing about this resource is you can look up individual authors, athletes, important people in history, scientists, etc. For many different classes, I am sure there will come a need for a resource like Biography in Context.


Whenever there is a person you need to do research on, use the Biography in Context search engine to find an abundance of information on that person. As this resource includes a large selection of biographies, I have yet to search for a person without finding a result. I highly recommend this resource to any student for whenever they are in need of finding more information on an influential individual!



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