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Top 3 Right Now: Marta’s Tunes for All the Feels of Coco

Did you know that Coco comes out on DVD February 27th? We did! You can even get on the waiting list for the 66 copies we’ve got on order now if you like. In the meantime, we’re featuring a list of free stream-able songs to give you all the feels of Coco, as compilied by […]

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Jennifer’s Top 3 Right Now: Gender-Flipped Sherlock Holmes

This week, Jennifer from our Mill Creek community library has an awesome theme for her Top 3 list: Gender-flipped Sherlock Holmes stories!  Take it away, Jennifer! “I love Sherlock Holmes. I’ve read all of Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories and novels about the consulting detective. It was a holiday tradition, when I was growing up, for […]

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Top 3 Right Now: Marissa’s Favorite Fantasy Reads

This week we’re featuring an awesome Top 3 list from Marissa, the new teen services guru at our Mariner Library.  Marissa loves fantasy books and reads a lot of them – these are her favorite 3 that she’s read recently, so you know they’re going to be great. Take it away, Marissa! “Truthwitch by Susan […]

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Top 3 Right Now: Emily’s LGBTQ+ Graphic Novels: Summer Camp Edition

This week’s little list of graphic novels set at summer camps featuring LGBTQ+ characters is brought to you by Emily, our teen librarian at our Monroe Library. So, Emily, what do you suggest?                 Honor Girl by Maggie Thrash Honor Girl is a memoir that reads a bit […]

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Top 3 Right Now: Lisa’s Activism Picks

This week we’re featuring a list of top 3 books on social activism by Lisa, the teen librarian at our Edmonds community library. Take it away, Lisa! “It’s a new year and I’m ready to be inspired. I’m also ready to check off my resolution to read more non-fiction, starting with these three books about […]

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Top 3 Right Now: Kelli’s Top Sci-Fi Reads

This week’s Top 3 List is brought to you courtesy of Kelli, our teen services ninja at our Camano Island community library. So, Kelli, what Sci-Fi books have excited you in the last few months? All Systems Red (The Murderbot Diaries #1) by Martha Wells “How could I not enjoy a book about a self-aware, […]

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Top 3 Right Now: Rickey’s Favorite Books

This week we’re featuring a top 3 book list, as written by Rickey, our Teen Services pro out at our Granite Falls Community Library. So, Rickey, what gems do you have to recommend? Cinder by Marissa Meyer “I actually had the pleasure of meeting Marissa Meyer at the first stop of her book tour a […]

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Top 3 Right Now: Alisa’s Current Favorite Books

This week’s Top 3 Books Right Now list comes to you from Alisa, our teen services expert from our Sultan community library. So, Alisa, what teen or YA books are you excited about these days? My Brother’s Husband by Gengoroh Tagame “My Brother’s Husband (V.1) is a Japanese manga series that tells a story of […]

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Top 3 Right Now: Melleny’s Favorite TV Shows Based on Books

This week’s top 3 list comes from Melleny, our teen librarian at the Mukilteo Library! If you visit Melleny, chances are you’ll get to meet Dewey, the Mukilteo Library’s resident Dinosaur Librarian. (Don’t worry, he’s friendlier than he looks.) So, Melleny, what are your favorite television shows inspired by books? Sherlock – I love the modern […]

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Top 3 Right Now: Robyn’s Studio Ghibli Picks

Some weeks you read ALL the books… but some weeks you just need to escape into a great movie or show. Luckily, our DVD collection is quite robust, and we’ve even got movies and shows available to stream instantly via Hoopla! So, this week we’re featuring a Top 3 Right Now list of Studio Ghibli […]

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