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Official Scavenganza Scores

And now…the moment you have all been waiting for (drum roll please)… Congratulations to The Flying Chipmunks Who Like Pinecones! This one was a nail-biter right down to the end.  The final two teams were so close…but the Chipmunks took part in every single challenge, and Dragon Army skipped three.  So excruciatingly close! But don’t […]

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Scavenganza Final Update – this afternoon!

I know you are waiting with bated breath, but Scavenganza totals will not be available until this afternoon!

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Scavenganza Challenge #65: The End

It has been absolutely wonderful having you all participate in the Scavenganza this summer.  I’ve had so many unexpected moments of pure joy, laughter, and pure happiness seeing all you have created and accomplished.  Thanks so much for all our Scavenganzeers who took part. And also, big thanks to the Sno-Isle Libraries Foundation, who is […]

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Scavenganza Challenge #64: High Five!

The end is near! Your team has accomplished many wonderful and strange things this summer, and we have the photos and video to prove it. To celebrate the grand finale of the 2014 Sno-Isle Super Summer Scavenganza, and get a last-minute 3 points, do a group high-five in front of a library Best Bets display. […]

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Last few days of the Scavenganza

Right now we are down to the last few days of the Scavenganza, and we have two teams that are neck and neck!   The Dragon Army (from Arlington) is a mere 2/3 of a point behind The Flying Chipmunks Who Love Pinecones!  This is a nail-biter!   And Turtles are Green Band Geeks are Cool could […]

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Scavenganza Challenge #63: Redesign a Book Cover

It’s been fun looking at all of the suggestions for challenges that were submitted by many of the teams – it’s too bad we can’t use them all!  Today’s challenge is brought to you by two teams, with a twist.  Ginny and Hermione in the Tardis suggested painting a watercolor of a book cover, and […]

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Scavenganza Challenge #62: Shelfie

This challenge comes to you via Team Red Sox-Yankees, so three points to them in the clutch.  Book Shelfie: Take a picture of yourself with your book shelf. Maximum of three pictures of three DIFFERENT book shelves per team. Seven points for each ‘shelfie’ taken. Three bonus points if there’s a Sno-Isle Library book on the […]

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Scavenganza Challenge #61: Phone Booth Fun

Today’s challenge is a chance to just be silly. Find a phone booth, and take a team picture with everyone inside the booth.  One person must be talking on a cell phone.  10 points Bonus points can be earned for the following: A different person in the photo is wearing a Superman shirt (this can […]

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Scavenganza Challenge #60: Supermarket Superhero

Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like to be a superhero? To live that glamorous life and experience the joy of performing heroic acts? Here’s your chance. Dress up as a superhero (one that’s well-known, or one of your own invention) and visit a supermarket parking lot. Find someone leaving the store with […]

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Scavenganza Challenge #59: Origin Story

For a whopping 50 points, invent a new superhero with origin story, costume, and archvillain. Write and illustrate your own comic book to tell the story. Five page minimum. 

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