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Readers’ Corner: Sports Fiction

Sports and storytelling are often used together to create something that many types of book lovers appreciate. According to Book Genres, the Sports Fiction genre is full of “stories where a sport has an impact on the plot or main character.” It could be about a high school athlete that gets involved in a sports program saving […]

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Readers’ Corner: Books to Make You Cry

If you’re an emotional book lover like us, you’ve probably found yourself crying while reading a good tearjerker. There are plenty of heart-wrenching books where you empathize with the character’s pain, but our favorites are the ones that provoke a physical reaction like crocodile tears, super sobs, loss of breath, and even a tinge of […]

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Readers’ Corner: 11/12 Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is an international activist movement that campaigns against violence and systemic racism towards black people. It is a member-led organization whose mission is “to build local power in order to help intervene in violence inflicted on Black communities by state and vigilantes.” BLM works toward a world where Black lives are […]

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Readers’ Corner: 11/5 Climate Change Fallout SciFi

The world as we know it is gone. Something terrible has happened and in its wake, humanity must once again reset its priorities. Can we, in this resource-scarce new world, fashion some kind of idea that there is a global will to make the switch in the face of greed and inertia, serene faces, and clothes […]

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Readers’ Corner: Non-Fiction Graphic Novels

This week, the Readers’ Corner brings you extra-compelling nonfiction books that span all kinds of interests and curiosities, and oh so much art! A nonfiction graphic novel can present information in a more familiar and easily digestible format.  While many graphic novels are biographical in nature, there are other nonfiction topics covered in graphic novel […]

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Readers’ Corner: Fantasy Fiction

This week the Readers’ Corner features some of our favorite Fantasy Fiction. With its roots in myth and legend, Fantasy Fiction is the most elemental of all the genres. For many generations, people believed in myth and legend in a way that dramatically affected their life and culture. There is something timeless about stories that […]

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Readers’ Corner: Teen Horror Starter Kit

As a kid, I wondered why anyone would subject themselves to scary reads — just the slightest glimpse of a horror movie’s cover could give me nightmares. My friends would taunt me with their book trailers just to see me slink away, creeped out with visions of sharp knives, clown faces, and grim reapers. With […]

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Readers’ Corner: Stranger Things

Netflix’s TV show Stranger Things has been wildly popular around the globe, perhaps sucking up more internet bandwidth with teens than many of their social media accounts.  The show is set in the 80’s and begins when a young boy, Mikey, goes missing. His friends and family uncover many strange things while looking for him, including a […]

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Readers’ Corner: From YouTube to Our Shelves

This week the Readers’ Corner will help you discover the hype around a few of YouTube’s most notable celebrities and bloggers, and the books they write. Many people today spend countless hours browsing the site. YouTube can help you learn how to properly apply your makeup or let you explore different types of fashion. It […]

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Readers’ Corner: Realistic Fiction

Check out something fun with this week’s featured booklist: Realistic Fiction.   Marissa @ Mariner Library

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