Historical photos offer inspiration

By Julie Titone

Communications and Marketing Manager

When the Sno-Isle Libraries communication staff goes looking for seasonal inspiration, we often turn to our historical photo archive. That’s where we found the regional scenes used in this year’s winter holiday home page banner, shown above. Our multimedia specialist, Laurie Lyon, animated the rotating sequence of pictures with sparkling snowflakes.

snowstorm Darrington

Darrington view: Train depot and the Hotel Leland

Darrington — of all our 21 library communities, the one most likely to be snowy — offered up two scenes. The first shows a man on skis on a mountain that is presumably near Darrington, because the same skier is shown in a similar photo that includes a view of Glacier Peak.

Another photo, also from the Darrington Historical Society, was taken at the southeast end of town on Feb. 3, 1916 after a big snowstorm. In foreground is the train depot and the Hotel Leland, background is Mt. Higgins. The picture is from the collection of Betty Knowles, the great-granddaughter of  the photographer, W. Ward Woodward.

The Granite Falls Historical Society also provided a winter scene for our banner project. It was taken from the porch of the Sheridan McElroy house, which was still standing when the photo was added to our collection in 2014. It was taken around 1910.

Stanwood waterfront

Stanwood waterfront

The other two photos weren’t winter scenes, but look great with some snow added. They include a panoramic photograph of Stanwood’s waterfront on a celebration day, possibly July 4th, about 1905. It was provided by the Stanwood Area Historical Society.

Finally, we included a picture of the steamer “Buckeye” making a stop at Freeland’s Bush Point. The boat carried passengers and cargo up and down Puget Sound.  The South Whidbey Historical Society provided the picture.

The photo archive was established by the Digitize Our Community History Project.  Other contributing organizations are the Daily Herald and the Edmonds, Snohomish and Monroe historical societies.

Remember, it’s always “Throwback Thursday” in the archive. We encourage you to browse. To search for a particular photo title or subject, go to our catalog and, in the “limit by” field, choose Digital Photo Collection. When you find the photo you like, you’ll have the option to share it on social media or email it.

However and whatever you celebrate this winter, we wish a happy holiday season.


3 responses to “Historical photos offer inspiration”

  1. Jackie says:

    Love this! Great job, Laurie!

  2. Laurie Lyon says:

    Thank you Jackie!
    While searching for images for this animation, I was so impressed with the wonderful images we have in our Sno-Isle digital photo archive. A real treasure trove, and each picture tells a story!
    – Laurie

  3. Linda Olson says:

    LOVE the historic photos that have been featured on the website of late!

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