Foundation boasts new website, same enthusiasm

New Sno-Isle Libraries Foundation website

New Sno-Isle Libraries Foundation website

By Paul Pitkin
Executive Director, Sno-Isle Libraries Foundation

Residents of the mountain town of Index, all 178 of them, have library service thanks to a state-of-the-art bookmobile—which exists thanks to the Sno-Isle Libraries Foundation.

This charitable arm of Sno-Isle Libraries is also one reason that third graders in Snohomish and Island counties are getting excited about reading. And the reason Issues That Matter forums bring people together to delve into meaty community topics such as drug use, bullying and end-of-life care.

You can learn about Foundation-funded programs on the new Sno-Isle Libraries Foundation website. While you’re browsing, you’ll be reminded that none of these great programs would exist without donors who value literate, connected and economically sound communities. People like you.

The Sno-Isle Libraries Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization that funds programs that make the Sno-Isle Libraries special. The district does much, much more than just lend books, and the Foundation plays a key role in helping Sno-Isle Libraries expand its scope of service to become an indispensable asset to 21 communities.

As the Foundation’s director for the past year, I’ve been especially excited to see donor money spent on first-time “seed projects” that are eventually replicated throughout the Sno-Isle Libraries system, such as science and early education programs.

Each year brings new Foundation-funded initiatives, such as 2014’s Generation YZ Project, the first of its kind in the nation, that is exploring ways for the library to serve the needs of people aged 13 to 29. In 2015, the Foundation will support the first Sno-Isle TEDx event, bringing all the communities of Snohomish and Island counties together to learn, grow, and discuss the most important ideas of our times. Mark your calendars for Nov. 4 and stay tuned for details.

Ongoing Foundation-funded programs include the Third-Grade Reading Challenge, which gave third graders across Snohomish and Island counties the opportunity to improve their literary skills and develop a lifelong love of reading. We’re supporting efforts to help teenagers use library services to unlock their creativity and curiosity. And, thanks to that classy bookmobile we funded, people in rural communities and those with disabilities can access library services.

Please visit to see all that the Sno-Isle Libraries Foundation does to enhance your community library, our region, and generations to come. Questions? Please contact me.


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