Welcome, Library Ambassadors!

Welcome to the first issue of our blog! We’re excited to announce the next generation of Library Ambassadors, and hope you will use this as your launchpad for sharing your passion for libraries. Click the Sign Me Up button to the right to subscribe to this blog for news and updates, as well as specific monthly actions we hope you’ll participate in.

Making a joyful noise at the library

Together, we ambassadors will take to social media, strike up conversations with families, friends and neighbors, and write letters to the editor. Some of us may choose to go a step further and dive into the world of public forums and speaking opportunities. Because the question “Who still needs libraries when there’s the internet?” should be met with a resounding, “We do!”

Before we get started with our first call to action, a few basics:  If you haven’t done so, please: Like and share the Sno-Isle Libraries Facebook page. Follow us on Twitter. 3) And for a little inspiration, watch the new Sno-Isle Libraries “Serving You” video.

Serving as a Library Ambassador is a noble calling and one we hope you will embrace wholeheartedly. Please note that any opinions you express as an ambassador are yours and yours alone.

Your first assignment, if you choose to accept it: There are as many reasons for loving Libraries as there are people who use them. What makes the library special for you? For your community? And because February is the month for valentines, we’re asking for you to Get Loud about your Library Love Stories. Post them on social media, bring it up in conversation (surprisingly easy!), or send your Library Love testimonial to cstansfield@sno-isle.org.

Want to earn bonus points? Report back by emailing Christine.