Volunteers helping libraries and cities

Painting the Stanwood Library
Sheri Lieurance, a Grove Church member from Camano Island, braces the roller handle against her head to reach the top of the wall with a new coat of paint for the Stanwood Library, Aug. 4, 2016. Photo gallery

Fresh paint is going on at the Stanwood and Arlington libraries, courtesy of members of The Grove Church in Marysville and volunteer programs in both cities.

“We’re just excited for the help in getting the library painted,” Stanwood Managing Librarian Charles Pratt said. “The city owns the building and they arranged to provide the materials with the church members volunteering the labor.”

At the Arlington Library, Managing Librarian Kathy Bullene said the work includes new paint in both restrooms as well as general cleanup of the landscaping around the library.

The volunteer effort has been going on for about five years, said Duane Palmer, a Stanwood-area resident and church member who was overseeing the crew at the Stanwood Library on Thursday, Aug. 4.

“Overall, there are about 300 members working in crews out doing projects,” Palmer said on Thursday, Aug. 4. “We have 10 people here today. We started on Tuesday and we’ll be finished Friday.”

Palmer said other community projects include painting restrooms at the Arlington Library as well as non-library projects in Lake Stevens, Marysville, Everett and Tulalip. Previous-year projects in the Stanwood area include painting the Triangle Bridge and at Church Creek Park, he said.

Longtime Stanwood Library staff member Almira Jones said this is the first time in her memory that the library hasn’t been painted white, but the change seems to be just fine with customers. “People are saying they like the new color,” Jones said. “And, it matches with the neighboring buildings.”