Rocket mural to be unveiled at Stanwood Library

By Stanwood-Camano News staff

Thirty-­two local families contributed artwork for a rocket mural to be placed on the exterior wall of the Stanwood Library.

Artist Danny Koffman coordinated the 21­-foot rocket mural art project for which the city of Stanwood, the Stanwood­Camano Community Resource Center and the Stanwood Library joined forces to underwrite its construction. The mural, dedicated to the future, will be unveiled at 4 p.m. on Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14.

This is the third and largest rocket mural designed by Koffman to be launched in Stanwood in the past year. “The question posed – What would you take to the future? – is a constructive and optimistic topic for family conversation,” Koffman said. As with other rocket murals now in place at the Resource Center and Church Creek Park, participants' responses to the question are in images and words.

Their responses are even more powerful when stitched together because … "we are all on this journey to the future together,” said Koffman, a Camano artist who owns Koffman Gallery, Art with a Smile!