New tech classes focus on security and skills

tech pros imageA new round of technology classes at Sno-Isle Libraries will focus on staying safe on the internet and improving computer skills.

“These new classes are great additions to the broad range of technology education and assistance available at our community libraries and online,” said Anne Murphy, lead librarian for public computing at the library district. “We have expert presenters, including Brian Boston of Boston LegacyWorks, Gail Smith of the Art Institute of Seattle and Kimi Nolte at Victim Support Services.”

Murphy said that protecting personal data on the internet and avoiding online scams are growing concerns, and four classes will focus on various aspects of web safety.

In addition, there are three new classes with tips on how to better use Adobe Photoshop, get the most out of digital assistants like Alexa, Siri and Cortana, and take your favorite technology on vacation.

The classes will be available at community libraries across the library district starting in early September and running into 2019. Specific classes, dates and locations are all in the Sno-Isle Libraries events calendar by searching for “Tech Pros.” Some classes require pre-registration. The new classes are:

Make good choices

  • Safe Access Options – Making/Managing Passwords and More
    • Passwords are the first line of defense and the greatest weakness. The class covers the best and safest ways to create, store and retrieve passwords.
  • Staying Clear of Tech Support Scams
    • Learn how to identify and avoid common tech support scams. Recognize the bad guys, deal with “panic screens” and assess what is quality technical support for your computer and software.
  • Preventing and Responding to Identity Theft
    • Learn how to protect yourself from identity thieves, including how to read and monitor your credit report. You’ll also learn what to do if it happens to you, and what your rights are as a victim of identity theft.
  • Digital Legacies – Handling an Online Life Left Behind
    • Learn how to manage the “digital legacies” of loved ones after death. Whether it’s pictures, frequent-flier miles, social media, online payment services, email postings, few are protected by state law and service providers. Learn what you can do in estate planning to protect digital assets.

Level up

  • Basic Editing, Printing and Saving Digital Images With Adobe Photoshop
    • This class is designed to introduce you to Adobe Photoshop in its various forms and help get your digital files edited, organized and backed up. Devices are not provided, so bring a laptop or tablet for hands-on practice.
  • AI and the World of Intelligent Personal Assistants
    • See what constitutes AI (artificial intelligence) and how it works through the “personalities” of Siri, Cortana, Google and Alexa and personal assistant devices. Learn what AI is doing now and what it may do next.
  • Traveling with Tech
    • Learn to make the most of your personal technology when traveling overseas so that these devices function to enhance your trip rather than drag it down.

The Tech Pros classes are just part of the technology education and assistance programs and services available through Sno-Isle Libraries. Other opportunities include: