Library Myth Busters

Storytime clapping
A lively library Storytime

Ever notice that if you get someone talking about how much they love their local library, it’s almost like they want to shout it from the rooftops? Being a Library Ambassador is all about busting the stereotype of libraries as “SHHH!” kind of places. Though they still have quiet spaces, libraries today are community hubs, gathering spaces for sharing ideas and public discourse. Have you been to preschool Storytime? Definitely lively there!

While this blog is new, our ambassador program has been around since 2012. Some of you may have been involved since then – if so, we’re so glad you’re still active and still sharing your love of libraries.

For everyone, your mission as an ambassador, if you choose to accept it, is to help share the story that libraries are so much more than quiet, sterile places. This month, catch your community library in action — hosting children’s and author events, community forums, and even concerts. Then share the experience on social media or strike up a conversation about it with a neighbor. Please share your success stories (including photos!) with @snoislelibraries on Facebook and Twitter and tag us with #LibraryAmbassadors #GetLoud. You are also welcome to email Christine at