In chaotic times, TEDx speakers share how they use passion to find calm

The next two TEDxSnoIsleLibraries speakers are committed and passionate about helping others find peace in a difficult time. 

Business energy coach Anna Choi is committed to elevating humanitys consciousness by empowering entrepreneurs and business leaders to focus their energy, magnify their presence, and find peace in chaos. 

Guitarist, composer and poet Andre Feriante uses his lifelong passion music to bring people together – “to unite and create calm. 

Choi’s TEDxSnoIsleLibraries talk, Discovering Peace in Chaos, is scheduled for 4 p.m. Aug. 11. Feriante’s TEDxSnoIsleLibraries talk, The Roundtable of Song, is scheduled for 7 p.m. Aug. 12. 

Both talks will be presented in Zoom meetings that require registration and live on Facebook. Event host Phil Klein will introduce the speaker’s pre-recorded TEDx talk followed by a live question-and-answer session with the speaker. Each event is scheduled for one hour. 

TEDx speaker Anna Choi
Anna Choi helps her clients find peace amid chaos.

Anna Choi 

As an art major, broke with no experience and no connections, Anna Choi started her first business as a financial planner. By age 25, she had a six-figure income, but the hustle and grind took a toll. She pursued energy mastery becoming a martial artist, yoga instructor and braineducation leader. Now she helps highachieving business leaders grow in flow, align their energy, and embody yin-based leadership for themselves and their teams. 

Choi said her proudest accomplishment is waterbirthing her son, Eli, now 8. She married her best friend Leo and they’ve celebrated 17 years together. The family lives in Poulsbo. Choi loves mastering her energy as a yoga instructor, taekwondo student, ukulele singer and dancer. Her face has been on billboards, trains and BECU commercials. 

Why did you want to present a TEDx talk? 

Theres so much noise and chaos in the world,” Choi saidI want to help people cut through the noise and learn how to best focus their energy toward what dreams they want to fulfill for themselves and the world. 

What inspired your TEDx talk topic? 

I kept asking myself, ‘If I had one message to give to the world, what would it be?’ I knew I had a lot of energy to share. I wanted to help others experience energy in such a way that after the talk, they are inspired to keep practicing generating energy for themselves. Where they could access that same limitless energy within, which I’ve named peace – in the face of much uncertainty, noise and chaos in the world,” she said 

I also was inspired by the bliss experienced at a Sedona silent meditation retreat to somehow share that experience with others in a simple, practical way. Im always inspired and passionate about energy mastery training through yoga, martial arts, my Awakened Life community, and learning about Tao living. 

What expectations do you have with your talk? 

Choi has high hopes that her talk will make a positive difference in the lives of participants. 

“I’m hoping deep down that the potential of the talk is unleashed to positively impact as wide an audience as possible to make a lasting, memorable difference in their life in being able to generate peace in chaos,” she saidI want the message of the talk to be used as a timeless resource through any uncertainty. 

What have you learned from this experience? 

Choi was working on her TEDx talk long before “coronavirus,” “COVID-19” and “pandemic” entered daily conversationSince then, she has reprioritized what she finds important 

I started embodying and deepening the practices I share in my talk even more so, living the talk – especially postpandemicThe topic Finding Peace in Chaos was created months before the pandemic had hit, then suddenly the talk became like a vital mission, more relevant for today than ever before. That mission guided me during the pandemic when I felt totally lost on how to make the talk better or shorter or make more sense and impact,” Choi said 

Ive become more of a writer now, making sure each word in the talk forwards the point and what needs to be left out stays out. Preparing the talk has really impacted my choice of words I speak in generalIm more thoughtful and try to be concise when sharing on a daytoday level. Ive focused more with clients on finding peace in chaos exercises and seen amazing transformations. 

TEDx speaker Andre Feriante
Andre Feriante has a lifelong passion for music.

Andre Feriante 

In 1979, guitarist Andre Feriante played his first concert in Rome and hasn’t looked back since. 

Music has been his life, love and career. He has played concerts through Europe and North and South America. 

In the early yearsFeriante focused on traditional classical and flamenco studies, including work with the Spanish master Andres Segovia in Madrid in 1983. In recent yearsFeriante has become a fusion player, blending many styles of music and playing stringed instruments from every continent to create exotic musical sounds. 

After living in Seattle for 28 years, Feriante moved to Whidbey Island three years ago. 

In the time before coronavirusFeriante toured and played locally. He is the founder of the Whidbey Island Guitar Festival. He has 14 albums to his credit. He’s working on a new recording of music and a book of poetry, both to be released soon.  

also enjoy hikes and walks in nature here on the island,” Feriante saidI have three grandchildren in Chicago and go to visit often. I also love photography, and I take fun photos of toy cars posed in nature.” 

Why did you want to present a TEDx talk? 

This isn’t the first time Feriante has spoken to a TEDx audience. Sharing music and words in concerts has made him comfortable on stage – even if it’s now a virtual stage 

A while ago my focus slowly shifted to exploring the healing aspects of music,” Feriante said. “I presented a TEDx talk called The Power of Music to Heal, Transform and Inspire about three years ago. I found the challenge to be good for me, it was a great learning experience. I was waiting for a chance to be a part of a TEDx talk again. 

What inspired your TEDx talk topic? 

It all comes down to music, Feriante explained. 

As the years go by, I find that one of my main goals or desires with my art and music is to bring people together, to unite and create calmIt saddens me that we don’t have more peace and well-being for so many people on the planet,” he said. 

In the past three years, Ive started playing stringed instruments from all around the world. The inspiration came from the idea to hear exotic and contrasting musical voices of many countries represented in one sitting. The main purpose behind my talk is to bring the audience to a place of feeling more connected to the world as a whole through the beauty of music. 

What expectations do you have with your talk? 

Feriante has hopes, if not specific expectations. 

I hope the right people who really need to find my video/talk will find it. I mean the people out there who are searching for more meaning and inspiration and depth in their lives,” he said 

I hope my music and words can offer more peace through the power of graceful thinking. I hope some kid from Finland hears my playing of the ronroco and is inspired to learn and love the people and music of Peru.” 

What have you learned from this experience? 

At first because of how COVID-19 was affecting me financially I wasnreally able to work on my talk,” Feriante said. “Once I was able to create the space, I realized how much I enjoy constructing the text, editing, practicing and memorizing my talk. I feel grateful that Im able to spend time and share something that Im passionate about during this difficult time in the world.