Girl Scouts help Brier Wildlife Habitat Project attract pollinators to Brier Library

Brier Library got a landscape refresh, thanks to the Brier Wildlife Habitat Project and Girl Scout Troop 44378 at Brier Elementary School.

Girl Scout Troop 44378 from Brier Elementary School weeds flower beds at Brier Library for a pollinator garden. (photo gallery)

Brier Wildlife Habitat Project Manager Julie O’Donald teamed with the school’s fifth-graders to weed the beds and plant a pollinator garden outside the library on May 5.

The Brier Wildlife Habitat Project has a display in the library entry about once a year, often on wildlife-friendly gardening, O’Donald said.

“We provide speakers for library programs on topics that relate to gardening for local birds, butterflies, native bees and native plants,” O’Donald said. “We’ve also offered programs about other local wildlife such as frogs, turtles, bats and owls.”

O’Donald said she wanted to involve youth in planting the pollinator garden at Brier Library, so she contacted the Girl Scouts. Eight came to help.

“This is a neighborhood project and it made sense to involve youth who live nearby,” she said.

The Girl Scouts helped weed the garden, then planted sweet alyssum, cosmos, nasturtiums and sunflowers, O’Donald said. The Brier Wildlife Habitat Project team planted red-flowering currant, western azalea, golden currant, western serviceberry, red-veined enkianthus, large-leaved lupine, New England aster, autumn sedum and lavender specifically to attract pollinators such as hummingbirds, butterflies and bumble bees.

The Brier Wildlife Habitat Project has eight members. The project started in 2011 with a group of Brier residents who already had certified wildlife habitat gardens with the National Wildlife Federation and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. The National Wildlife Federation also has a program for creating community wildlife habitats, O’Donald said.

“The team’s mission is to offset habitat loss by encouraging wildlife-friendly garden practices,” she said.

The Brier Wildlife Habitat Project offers programs on wildlife and gardening for wildlife at Brier Library, maintains a pollinator garden at Brier-Terrace Middle School and has a two-year project with the city of Brier to install “Drains to Stream” metal discs on the city’s storm water drains, among other projects.